Arcane solution to new problems

Well as the title says as google has not provided a solution to use self signed certs on gmail I begin to change my habits on reading mail, returned to use mutt (and my mutt-fu skills are very rusted) keep using thunderbird at home, and worse Dreamhost still has not provided a good solution as they state the same I think «why I need to pay $ to get a cert signed and pay more $$$ to get a wild cart cert?», that is what I will need for my servers at work.

And the worst was that I missed at least five important urgent mails from students and colleagues specially addressing things on courses, exams and the normal Moodle questions.

Well just last week needed to edit some aliases file from postfix and then it hit me, you can send a copy of a recipient to anyone directly and still kept your mail in the inbox or /var/mail/user also need to try but DH also provides some level of this aliasing but obviously over they web-panel (unless you had a VPS but then again they advise to not play with /etc/ directly) anyway all my woes are out with this simple add on /etc/aliases

vicm3:    vicm3,

Well I’m been doing for more than a decade and forgot basic usage of aliases, if you had something similar don’t forget to also run newaliases ;)

Update: 24/03/2013 Also thinking on the ancient .forward file, as not everyone using linux account had root access, why not and found that at least on sendmail you had to tell it to no expand so in a .forward file you need


That last I have not tested but the best reference I got was from here [1], probably worth the try if you had similar needs and no root access ;)


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