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by Lord Grey (463613) Alter Relationship on Thursday March 22, @02:26PM (#39443263)

Three or four months ago, my wife told my 16-year old stepson to call and see if the person that cuts his hair was working that day. There was a big to-do that day about him not wanting to do anything for himself, and one of the results of that was the need for him to make this call rather than relying on his mom. Anyway, after some typical teenage bitching he went off to his room to call the place with his cell phone. A few minutes pass and comes out again.

Him: «The phone isn’t working.»

Us: «It’s not working. Really. Did you dial the right number?»

Him: «Yeah! Of course I did! I’m not that stupid. It’s just making some weird noise.»

Us: «What number did you dial?»

Him: [He told us.]

I got my cell and called that number. [beeeeep] [pause] [beeeeep] [pause] [beeeeep]

Us: «That, son, is a busy signal.»

Him: «A what?»

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