Someone, not me has to say it

«Back in the 1920s-1940s as cars became more popular, more people started dying in car crashes. In response, the auto manufacturers did the obvious thing and started making the cars stronger and stronger. And people kept dying.

It wasn’t until the 1950s when the first controlled crash tests were done, that they discovered that the stronger car bodies were the worst possible thing you could do. They did nothing to reduce the kinetic energy of the occupants before impact. The car would hit, the strong body would stop moving almost instantly, and the occupants would keep flying forward at full speed until they hit the front of the car. This is what led to the crumple zones we have today – where the car body deliberately flexes and deforms to absorb crash energy, lessening the impact forces on the occupants. »

Solandri at /.

With dedication to my mother in law on about «why now the cars are made of plastic and don’t withstand a crash?»… but people do better, even when she don’t believes me.

An image tells more than thousand words, they say.

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