If you wonder

Actually I read them both. The first is called

«At that time» and the second «at this time»

The first is «this time», and the second is «that time»

– We have a joke in our family

That this was what brought us together again

And that paid for our apartment.
– Ok

Why? I think I got used to it. – But the second one is sexy.

When he misses the plane and have sex for days and days, like there’s no tomorrow… I mean wow, Do you guys actually do that?

You do that right?

– I hear there’s a third book and it is actually better than the first two

Considering that it took more time, writing the first two together

For everyone that won’t filled the scene ending before the sunset, well they stated a nice «what happened» at 22 min in the film, just watched yesterday and still can’t decide which one I like more, I think it’s before the sunset, but maybe this one if not for the really shitty subtitles, got the best dialogues, in any case I love this (now) trilogy, before the  sunrise|sunset|midnight (1995, 2004, 2013).

Before the midnight (2013)

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