On new hard disk continued

Previously I wrote about getting and testing new disk one of the two ordered was sent to warranty the other was subject to stress test, well last Friday the faulty one was replaced with a new one from seller and begun stress test as this one replace one with less space used changed a little the script (BTW I found you can make spew do loops by itself after a second man page read, but I liked my script better).

for a in $(seq 1 10);
for i in $(seq 1 1500);
spew  --raw -d -o 1m -b 16m 1g /home/F/spew/bigfile$i
echo $i
rm /home/F/spew/bigfile*
exit 0

And the results are:

And by now this is the disk that gets hotter of the bunch sdb, I thinking on changing places with sdd as its alone and also as its slower 5900RPM, and cooler than this last 7200RPM. At least by now looks like the stress test going fine…

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  1. xanatos dijo:

    que onda oye que estas usando para monitorear??


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