The sorry state of Moodle on Debian

Well, yes I know, for starters i would be involved on the -team for Moodle, but it bug me out that the important security fixes takes really time to get out to stable, yes I know some are not that severe, but also 1.9.x that is currently on Stable (squeezy) even when it’s super stable and memory wise… it’s some way outdated now, I know that Debian don’t include the current release not even in Sid (Unstable). Just checked current packages in testing and unstable and to my surprise it’s 2.2.2 thats really good news, I really expect that at least some fixes where released for our stable version.

As far I understand it’s like max two people working on QA and packaging on Debian, Gwolf has keep telling me that to learn the only good way is to join a group on a project I interested, well I really fear that can’t kept with the amount of work, but maybe it’s time to get over it and join, in any case have send some patches before.

Last time I checked there where like 187 installations of Debian Moodle, from popcorn reports… I suppose that it’s really low to be considered a «popular» package, but we the users / admins that use the package of Debian, are really happy with the endurance and quality of Debian package.

Well my thoughts on the matter…

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