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I am glad you appreciated my DD page. I got the real audio files of the soundtrack from someone else ( ). I doubt Lewin would be interested in going back and recording it in MP3 format, but feel free to ask him… who knows? :-)



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Subject: Double Dragon Music!

Hi! i had see lots of times your page about Double Dragon… from the time when the mame emulator wasn’t supporting that game!, well i like a lot the music in the game and despite the samples that are in real audio are not bad… how about mp3 files? I already had the chance to play Double Dragon I and II via the Mame, but in my machine (and if i bad not understand n all) the Music are not well emulated … and i was thinking if you can do it?

mp3 compresors can be found at and if you don’t like no one of them i had one that it’s little (1.5mb) graphical and fast… that I can pass to you :) as you can see i diying for have the music in mp3 (128kb 44100hz)…
Please :)
another Double Dragon fan from Mexico…

Victor Manuel Martinez Mtz.
Sociologia – Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Xochimilco
¿Y tu ya leiste Usuario?


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